Products We Have Made

Our diverse range of products showcases our expertise and innovation. From cutting-edge tech gadgets to sustainable lifestyle essentials, explore the quality and craftsmanship behind every product we have made.


Transform your restaurant’s operations with our advanced Order Management App. Eliminate paper slips, kitchen confusion, and multitasking challenges. Streamline orders for unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and customer delight.


In the distribution industry, efficient management is vital. Our Palm Distribution Management System offers a revolutionary solution for streamlined operations, catering to diverse business needs and ensuring lasting success.

Zf Courier

Zf Courier: Streamlined Management System for Efficient Deliveries. Enhance your courier services with our user-friendly platform. Simplify tracking, scheduling, and deliveries seamlessly.

Headdos: Salon booking app

Headdos: Your Ultimate Salon Booking App! Discover seamless appointments, expert stylists, and exclusive deals. Experience hassle-free beauty booking at your fingertips. Download now!